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Жанр: Black Metal
Носитель: CD
Страна-производитель диска (релиза): Germany
Год издания: 2011 ( Res. 2014 )
Издатель (лейбл): Ketzer Records
Номер по каталогу: KCD080
Страна исполнителя (группы): Netherlands
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 35:05
Источник (релизер):vampiro( спасибо )
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. Intro
2. Der Untergang, Pt. I
3. Der Untergang, Pt. II (Intro)
4. Der Untergang, Pt. II
5. Der Untergang, Pt. II (Outro)
6. Der Untergang, Pt. III
7. Outro

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Cirith Gorgor / Der Untergang... / Победа !!!
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PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
TITLE "Der Untergang... / ...... !!!"
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TITLE "Intro"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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TITLE "Der Untergang, Pt. I"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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TITLE " Der Untergang, Pt. II (Intro)"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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TITLE "Der Untergang, Pt. II"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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TITLE "Der Untergang, Pt. II (Outro)"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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TITLE " Der Untergang, Pt. III"
PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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PERFORMER "Cirith Gorgor"
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"Der Untergang... / Победа !!!" lyrics
Der Untergang I
Der Untergang II
Der Untergang III
Der Untergang I
Act I – The Road to Stalingrad
Hear the ominous tale of one of the great battles in mankind’s bloody history
Fought on the shores of the Volga river in the vastness of the Russian territory
Oh cursed yet glorified name of Stalingrad – immortalized for centuries to come
Where so many died a valiant death, and any human awareness grew utterly numb
Three million troops follow their Führer’s call
Marching for honour, oil and ‘Lebensraum’
Venturing into the unknown Soviet realm
Endeavouring the eastern Titan overwhelm
History was shaped henceforth and inconceivably
Into the (Third) Reich’s ultimate fall, eventually
Nonetheless, those high moral and vigorous summer days
Such contrast to the carnage guiding many to their final resting place
As the vast army marches forward across the desolate Kaukasus plane
Great in number, contemptuous eyes aflame with the programmed hatred they contain
Towards that illustrious city where their miserable fate will be ultimately beset
The long and arduous journey to Stalingrad – walking the path of the dead
As the city walls draw ever nearer now
Obliged to their everlasting Führer-vow
The 6th army strides towards it’s final bane
‘Tsaritsyn’ will soon bequeath its violent disdain
Comrades – millions lying dead on tortured ground
Valiant souls forever to this scorched earth bound
On this eve the Soviets hear the (German) battle cry
But History’s decree, haha… none shall ever defy!
Act II – The Battle of Stalingrad
(102.0) Mamajev Koergan – the ancient burial ground
Where the gruesome voices of the dead in eternity resound
‘Rattenkrieg’ obliteration – the stench of rotting corpses fills the air
Through cold, disease and sadistic rivalry now emerges infinite despair
Tsjoeikov’s 62nd – bleeds for the iron force of comrade Stalin’s might
Tremendous clamour of the battle, the sheer brutality with which divided Soviets fight
The legendary factories of Stalingrad dominate the suffering city’s northern part
(Dzerzhinsky, Barrikady, Silikat, Red October, Lazur)
Apocalyptic clash within their burnt remains, worn-out soldiers constantly enduring hellish pains
(In the streets, the Luftwaffe warrants the red army’s forces utter death from the sky)
Prelude to assault on Red October – where the wolf the sheep will finally become
Now on the dawn of coming winter, von Paulus’ forces destined to their foe succumb!
Massive Soviet artillery effectively eliminates the (concentrating) German lines
In these ruthless days of culminating massacre efficiently the German moral undermines
The Russians do avert the fall of Stalingrad by the sheer exhaustive sacrifice of many lives
Beyond belief their 62nd army, this shattering encounter only just survives
(The red army launches its most formidable operation ‘Uranus’)
Forward! Comrades march! Eradicate the final German infantry!!
Ferociously cut their throats! For our unified fatherland’s supremacy!
Onward! Brothers, follow my call! Unchain our invigorated wrath!!
Stalingrad in ruins (our renowned city forlorn), yet regard our (novel) glorious path…
(Cursed Stalingrad)
Act III – Epilogue: When Wolf Becomes Sheep – The Road to Berlin
At Stalingrad, innumerable soldiers heroically gave their lives for their motherland
In retrospect, the vicious battle at the Volga river, delivered within the remnants of a once proud
Yet such condemned city, embodies the destruction and comprehensive humiliation of the German Forces,
a manifest reality which would haunt its Führer all along their successive retreat to Berlin
The roads to Stalingrad were covered with the remains of a dying German army,
the bodies of Countless German soldiers denoting the harsh aftermath of this most cruel and decisive battle
At last, behold the proud Soviet flag governing Mamajev Koergan
Remember this splendid day forth, with the alien tyrant now gone!!!
And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away…
Der Untergang II
Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?
Act I – The Battle at the Volga River
A field campaign unparalleled in history, though following Napoleon’s decree
Haunted by the myriad faces of the dead, the eastern front, Hell has truly come to be!
Deathlike silence captures the remains of a devastated city in the east
Taming of the callous German warmachine, Stalingrad sees Soviet fury utterly unleashed
The fallen far exceed a million souls – never to return, nor to be forgotten…!
Pride and splendour – racial ideology, smothered in the frozen Russian soil has gotten
No mercy for the fascist conqueror! Hammer, sickle guard the barren battleground
The historical arena where the ultimate Titan’s clash of ideologies was to be found
Act II – Reclaiming of the Soviet Union
‘Uranus’ and ‘Saturn’ open the gates, revitalize the scarcely breathing motherland
The humiliating recoil started long ago, now violently retraced under Soviet command
In the wake of the tragedy at Stalingrad, “Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?”
National sense of duty, you must not forget! “Glaubt ihr an den endgültigen Sieg?”
Resounding through the halls of the (Berlin) Sportpalast, the speech reaches its emotional close
As thousands behold the dark prophet aghast, “Nun, Volk, steh’ auf, und Sturm, brich’ los!”
“Siehst du im Osten das Morgenrot, ein Zeichen zur Freiheit, zur Sonne?”
Katjoesja lights up the eastern sky – (A sky) ablaze with the heralds of death!
Von Manstein offers slight relief at Kharkov – the last foremost strategic victory
The German forces seek to close the (Kursk) salient, in ‘Citadel’ a closing yet determined plea
The Wehrmacht’s final fading Blitzkrieg breath, ‘Kesselschlacht’ to crush and wholly dominate
But neither ‘Tiger’, ‘Panther’ nor SS–elite will be able to avert its ghastly fate…
Roaring thunderstorms sweep across the vastly stretched out Panther–Wotan line
Red Army troops traverse the Dnieper river, limited (Axis) reserves foreshadow imminent decline
Due north another battle at Smolensk obliterates the German threat to Moscow
Due south in four more months of ruthless fighting, Soviet tactics any intermission disavow
Von Manstein cannot hold the Donbass area, Vatutin captures Kiev – the heart of Ukraine
‘Ein Volk ohne Raum’ in geopolitics, its much desired soil fails to retain
Comprehensive battle such as never witnessed yet, lands the Russians on Byelarus’ threshold
As the Führer dictates fighting strategy, ‘Winterschlacht im Osten’ (within German ranks) will again unfold!
Leningrad, symbol of the Bolshevik revolution, freed on the verge of total annihilation
The longest most destructive siege in human history, at least a million (civilian) ‘Untermenschen’ starved in desperation
Russian forces march to reach Estonia, and start to wipe the vastness of Ukraine
German forces occupy Hungary (Margarethe) and cleanse the vassal state until no Jew remains
Karelian Isthmus sets the stage for Finland to withdraw, whilst Mannerheim is forced to the opposing side
After Barbarossa, three years later to the day (Bagration), the Wehrmacht (finds itself) obliged to decisively subside
Combined with the astonishing (Lvov-Sandomierz) offensive to the south, the Soviets repossess their former territory
Encirclement and subsequent destruction (of much of Army Group Centre), display of German captives for the world to see
Act III – Prelude to a New World Order
Stalin ventures into eastern Poland, (halts along the Vistula) as carnage razes Warsaw to the ground
Occupies the vigorous Baltic States anew, where hatred for the Russians becomes even more profound
Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, (all fall prey to) another Balkan Blitzkrieg from the east
(Capture of) eastern Yugoslavia, Slovakia, the political landscape altered by the Russian beast
Volga, Don, Dnieper, Dniester, Vistula, silent witness to the bloody Soviet advance
A thousand miles of fighting after Stalingrad (as the eagle flies), in two years of anticipation so intense
“Siehst du im Osten das Morgenrot, ein Zeichen zur Freiheit, zur Sonne?”
Arriving at the outskirts of the German Reich – (A sky) ablaze with the heralds of death!
Act IV – Epilogue: The Road to Berlin
The eastern front is probably the largest and by far the bloodiest theatre of war in the recorded history of mankind.
The deaths of tens of millions of soldiers and civilians, in fighting through unbelievable hardship and the filth of urban warfare,
continue to inspire with awe.
As the German armies were forced to retreat across the vast Russian planes to the point from where they originated some three and a half years earlier,
their Führer started to lose all sense of reality. The attempt on his life in July 1944 only increased this paranoia further,
yet convincing him that he was under the protection of divine providence.
Battle on the eastern front was principally characterized by its immensely cruel nature,
as a direct consequence of the clash between two opposing and radical ideologies.
This is further illustrated by the fact that when defeat was dawning on the German Reich,
the gruesome task initiated by the SS–Einsatzgruppen was continued and even enhanced in the notorious death camps.
As these had to be hurriedly evacuated when the Russians were closing in,
exasperated prisoners were sent off on endless death marches leading them to their miserable ends.
Der Untergang III
“Siehst du im Osten das Morgenrot, ein Zeichen zur Freiheit, zur Sonne?”
Act I – A Tidal Wave From The East
Arriving at the outskirts of their motherland – The once superior Wehrmacht’s full retreat
Raping, killing, pillaging and burning – The image of a monstrous (Russian) horde complete!
Ever since Katyn had been exposed, this display of Soviet cruelty stirs the German soul
While the merciless pursuit of ‘Generalplan Ost’ condemned the German people as a whole
The Russian venture into German territory, the centre of the (Grossdeutsches) Reich is within reach
On the people’s will and readiness to sacrifice, (Hitler) delivering his final broadcast speech
Act II – Enemy At The Gates
Unleashed from their bridgeheads on the Vistula, overrunning eastern Poland within weeks
Warsaw (Zhukov), Krakow (Konev) taken inexorably as supremacy of Russian power speaks
Orders to bring about the (Courland) sacrifice of isolated Heeresgruppe Nord
The establishment of Heeresgruppe Weichsel (Himmler) – Battle fuelled by ideology henceforth?
At long last stepping onto German soil, marching deep into the Reich nearly unopposed
As Zhukov’s front halts on the Oder banks, the stage is set for the battle of Berlin (now dangerously exposed)
Majdanek, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Maly Trostenets, Auschwitz-Birkenau
Brutality developed to the cold extremes of human calculation never seen before
As factories of death were (furtively) operating – veiled by the eastern theatre of war
Emaciated victims struggle forward – marched to death – while the gruesome horror gradually unfolds…
The ethnic German population flees – their cities razed to the ground – a glimpse of what the destined future holds
Dresden thoroughly reduced to ashes as the German spirit withers in this war of nerves
A final German burst of armoured energy (Sonnenwende) exasperates the vital last reserves
Unable to repel the foreign armies but gives some crucial months of breathing space
While Der Führer – now aged and fading rapidly – laments the weakness of the struggling Aryan race
The clearing of East-Prussia, Pomerania (Rokossovsky) – Königsberg and Danzig utterly destroyed
Through thorough demolition, ethnic cleansing, of any future German rule devoid
A final yet ambitious operation (Frühlingserwachen) – (Leibstandarte) humiliation its distinctive consequence
Heinrici in command to bear the burden of a Führer’s pretence watched by Providence
No regard for the German soldiers’ bloodbath, still Festung Küstrin gives some minor time relief
Within the dampness of the laden bunker atmosphere, Guderian dismissed in disbelief
The battles at the Oder and the Neisse (Die Seelower Höhen) – ‘The Gates to Berlin’ now open wide
As the Soviets tighten the encirclement at the expense of enormous Russian sacrifice
A magnificent vision of Der Untersberg, where Friedrich ‘Barbarossa’ dormant lies
Fading memories of peaceful Obersalzberg – Berlin must be victorious lest it dies…!
Act III – The Battle of Berlin
Nearing the end of April, Berlin is under siege from Russian artillery, continuously shelling the city up to the final days of the war.
As the ranks close, the capital sees a formidable host of Soviet forces, greatly outnumbering the defenders who seemingly fight for a lost cause.
Nevertheless, with the courage of despair, hastily formed Hitlerjugend and Volkssturm formations valiantly spill their blood for their much admired Führer:
“Wer leben will, der kämpfe also, und wer nicht streiten will in dieser Welt des ewigen Ringens, verdient das Leben nicht”.
Berlin is declared frontline city and the complete lack of reserves for its inhabitants encompasses a death sentence for its population.
Amid the ruins, in the indescribable orgy of murder, rape and starvation that follows,
the Russian armies effectively wreak their vengeance upon the German people.
“Wenn der Krieg verloren geht, wird auch das Volk verloren sein.” – ”Ich werde dann dem deutschen Volk keine Träne nachweinen.”
East and west united on the Elbe stream – a prelude to the imminent dismemberment (of German land)
Götterdämmerung – engulfed in its apocalypse – the last convulsions of a dying Movement out of hand
To his Weltanschauung faithful categorically, assured of his apostles’ adoration unto death
Der Führer, inattentive yet unyielding, in the highest sacrifice draws his final breath
The Reichstag adorned by the Soviet flag leading up to the German unconditional defeat
National Socialism, its elusive ghost, disappearing into history – the overthrow complete!
The ending of atrocities in Europe shapes foreign policy for nearly fifty years to come
As history is written up and sentences are passed, will the heart of Europe yet be able to emerge from…?
“Der Untergang… / Победа !!!”
Levithmong Drums
Lord Mystic Bass
Nimroth Vocals
Marchosias Guitars (lead, rhythm, acoustic)
Waldtyr Guitars (rhythm)

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